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Do you need reliable used textile or nonwovens machinery? If so, you have come to the right place. We can match your specific needs for used machinery with our extensive inventory or we can sell you used textile or nonwovens machinery we are representing for its current owner. And if the textile machinery or nonwovens machinery you choose needs repair or modification we provide refurbishing services.

Perhaps you require a slitter but do not know how to run one. Benick also provides operator training and technical consulting. When you buy used machinery from us it  will perform the task you require. How can we do this? Our management team spent years running converting machinery in a manufacturing setting before starting this business. We donít just sell you used textile or nonwovens machinery, we know how they work! In addition to textile or nonwovens machinery we also sell a broad range of used converting machinery. Why buy ďas is, where is?Ē At Benick you can purchase  used converting machines with confidence.

Contact us for a slitter, a sheeter, a baloney slicer, or any other used machinery you might need.


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