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Benick Machineworks
New Life for Used Machinery




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Recent Projects at Benick
Picture below are a few of Benick's recent projects. Simply click on an image to get a more detailed description of what we were up to.

Stripping, Inspecting, and Slitting

Large roll rewinding with a floor pick-up unwind.

Custom Increase Roll Diameter of Dusenbery 10000

Transverse winder feeder.

Large roll slitting, heavy 45 mil substrate.

Narrow web slitting extraordinaire. Training Included!

Sometimes simple is enough

Nice coated foils slitter.

Beautiful Dusenbery 835 sold with installation and training included.

Why buy just one?
3 machines = 3 times the savings



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Benick Machineworks, we add new life to your used machinery.
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