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The Benick Simplicity Basic Design Specification

We offer the Simplicity in a modular design to fit the widest variety of slitting applications. Shown below is the basic design platform.                     For modular options click here

  • Basic Machine Specification:

  • One 40"  integral unwind complete with pneumatic brake and bag edge control.
  • One PLC based automatic unwind tension control system.
  • One aluminium lead in idler roll with cork covering.
  • One aluminum exit idler roll with cork covering.
  • One edge guiding system with +/- 2" side travel.
  • Solid steel 1 1/4" side frames with rigid cross bracing.
  • Two plain steel pull rolls with cork coverings before and after slitting.
  • Dovetail bar knife mounting assembly with side load mechanism.

  • One set of components for driving the female  knife shaft or grooved roll.

  • Shear, Razor, or Score slitting options

  • Two dovetail bars for mounting gravity top riding rollers.

  • 30" maximum rewind diameter

  • Programmed dual differential, four zone rewind tension controls programmed through the PLC.

  • Reversing rewind drive.

  • One PLC that consists of an Automation direct controller and 6 inch color touch screen HMI (human machine interface).

  • One 7.5 HP Black Max US motor coupled with a Parker SSD vector controller.

  • Designed for safe and reliable operation.


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