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The Benick Simplicity features a Modular Design to maximize flexibility.

Modular Options


1. Integral shafted 40” OD Basic Design
2. Stand Alone Shafted 40” to 60” Diameter
3. Floor Pick Up Option


1. Rotary shear using dovetail mounted knife holders
2. Rotary shear using 60mm ID shaft mounted knife holders
3. Wrap shear or tangential web paths
4. Razor “in air” or razor “in groove” slitting
5. Score cut slitting on hardened anvil
6. Other options such as heated knives also available


1. “Lift out rewind shafts” with optional unloading station
2. Cantilevered spacer-less air differential option


1. Basic 30” Rewind diameter without top idlers
2. 36” Rewind diameter without top idlers


1. Gravity type lay on top riding idlers
2. Variety of idler roll coverings available
3. Pneumatic top riding idler option


1. Basic 7.5 HP AC Vector for speeds to 750 FPM
2. Two or three motor options for speeds to 1500 FPM
3. SSD control system with Control Techniques PLC
4. Other brands such as Allen Bradley available


1. All appropriate areas are properly guarded.
2. All guarding systems are wired with electrical interlocks
3. Interlocks ANSI standard B11.19-1990, 5.5 category 3.
4. 4 Corner E-Stop system with Kick and Pull chords.

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