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  Machine: 19252 Duplex Center Slitters
Dusenbery model 835, lift out rewind, 40" unwind diameter
  Maker: Dusenbery
  Width: 54 ''

54 Wide used Dusenbery Model 835-24 lift out slitter rewinder. It comes equipped with an integral unwind for diameters to 40 and a splice table. One pneumatic 3 diameter unwind shaft. The slitting section is score slitting, with a dovetail bar for mounting the male knife holders. The lift out rewind will accommodate a 24 diameter rewound roll with top riding rolls. The pullrolls and idlers are rubberized cork covered. A single motor, AC drive runs this machine to speeds up to 500 FPM, main drive is 10HP. Controls are Mitsubishi PLC with a operator interface through a touch key pad and LCD display. A pair of automatic pneumatic web tail clamps are included. This system maintains tension on the web when the machine is not running and during unloading to help maintain tension on the web. There are 3 cork covered pullrolls. Two pullroll before slitting and two after slitting. This pullroll configuration maintains proper tension during slitting and isolates tension from the unwind and rewind.
The unwind has a automatic edge guide with +/- 1.5 travel and remote fine adjustment at the front and rear of the machine. Unwind tension is closed loop control using load cells mount in the rear of the machine and a Montalvo air cooled brake. Power requirement is 460v-3-60 45amps, air supply 4 CFM at 90 PSI. Floor space required 16 x 10.