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The Dusenbery brand is virtually synonymous with quality slitters.

At Benick we have refurbished and sold over 200 Dusenbery machines. We always carry a large stock of Dusenbery slitters.

We also carry a complete line of Dusenbery Parts and Accessories.


While some customers buy a Dusenbery from us “as is, where is”, the majority buy a Dusenbery either rebuilt or modified in some way. History has shown that no job is too large or too small. Let us make a Dusenbery Slitter work for your needs.

Below is Our Complete Listing of Dusenbery Slitters

 Width  Manufacturer Brief Description Click to View   Pics
  72 in.   Dusenbery*    72" wide Dusenbery shaft type. 40" unwind diamenter  19230 
  72 in.   Dusenbery    72" wide Dusenbery model 10000, 24" rewind, 40" unwind dia  19254 
  63 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery model 835 cantilevered rewind, 40" unwind diameter  19266 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery 635, 24" rewind diameter, 32" unwind diameter  19269 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery 635, 24" rewind diameter, 40" unwind diameter  19270 
  62 in.   Dusenbery*    Dusenbery rewind shaft unloader  19263 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Rewind shaft unloader for lift out shaft machine  19264 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    62" wide Dusnebery shaft type uniwnd stand, 40" unwind dia  19265 
  62 in.   *Dusenbery    Dusenbery rewind shaft unload table  18816 
  62 in.   *Dusenbery    Dusenbery 635 duplex slitter rewinder, 24" rewind diameter  18952 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery Model 740 auto minimum gap slitter rewinder  19236 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Rebuilt Dusenbery 635/ready to ship now, video of it running  19237 
  62 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery 815, 1000FPM, 24" rewind diameter, splice table  19249 
  62 in.   *Dusenbery    Rebuilt Dusenbery 815LR, 1000FPM, 28" rewind, 40" unwind  16820 
  54 in.   Dusenbery*    Rebuilt Dusenbery 635  19063 
  54 in.   Dusenbery    54" wide Dusenbery 635BL, 21" rewind diameter  19073 
  54 in.   Dusenbery    54" wide Dusenbery 635 with separate unwind stand. Video  19202 
  54 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery model 835, lift out rewind, 40" unwind diameter  19252 
  54 in.   Dusenbery    Dusenbery model 616MP three ply slitter rewinder  19256 
  54 in.   Dusenbery    54" wide Dusenbery 635 with intergral unwind, 32" diameter  19259 
  52 in.   *Dusenbery    52" wide Dusenbery 635  18693 
  45 in.   Dusenbery    45" wide Dusenbery 635JD, PLC control, 40" diameter unwind  19208 
  45 in.   Dusenbery*    Rebuilt Dusenbery 635 duplex slitter rewinder  19062 
  29 in.   Dusenbery    Model 636 TTR dual turret slitter rewinder, 6" rewinds  16793 
  1 in.   Dusenbery and many others    Dusenbery Knives and More  16792 
  0 in.   Dusenbery and More    Parts and Accessories for Slitter Rewinders  16795 


If you don't find the machine you want, please drop us a line at requests@benick.com . We will be happy to try and locate that machine for you.


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