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Slitter Rewinders
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Typical Slitter Applications


Duplex Slitter Rewinders

Used for virtually any material including film, laminates, non-wovens, paper, pressure sensitives and more. Two rewind shafts allow for cut separation and excellent tension control of virtually any material. Available in both “duplex center” or “duplex center surface” types.

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Simplex Slitters

Simplex slitters wind material on one shaft and are used mainly for paper, laminates or other materials which don’t stretch and have little gauge variation. They are very productive due to the single shaft on the rewind.

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Roll Doctor Machines

Typically used to rewind and/or inspect rolls of paper, film, or other substrates. Often equipped with slitting and cantilevered shafts for ease of operation. Usually limited to 12" to 30" in width.

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Two Drum Surface Winder

Material is "surface wound" as the rewinding roll rests on two rotating drums. Almost always used for paper and board, and typically for larger widths and diameters,

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Single Knife Cutter
"Baloney Slicer"

Commonly used for slitting rolls of tape or  foam. Unlike most slitters the roll is not unwound, slit and rewound. Rather a rotating knife slices into the roll at determined intervals. Very productive where applicable. Usually limited to a roll diameter of 12" to 18".

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Add Roll  or "Small Roll" Slitter

Designed specifically for the high production of small diameter rolls such as those used in adding machines. Also useful for a wide variety of other products, however, where a rewind diameter of 12" to 16" is acceptable.

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Continuous Winder

High production machines typically used for specific applications such as producing gift wrap. Almost synonymous with the brand names Shultze and Elsner.

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Duplex Turret Winder

Like the Duplex winder this machine used two rewind shafts. However at the end of a set the rewinds "turret" allowing the next set to begin while the first is being taken off the machine. Typically used for applications such as tape. 

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Trasverse Winder or Spoolers

Traverse winding, also referred to as spool winding, is used instead of winding a pancake type roll. The substrate being wound "traverses" the spool it is winding onto, thus allowing the process to accumulate large amounts of fairly narrow  material in one wound roll.

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Two Drum Surface Slitter

1960's Jagenberg 33-12 rebuilt by Benick Machineworks.

Two drum surface slitters are commonly used to slit and rewind paper and board products. They wind the material by driving the surface of the roll with the drums while pressure is placed on top of the rewinding roll with a so called "rider roll". The material is typically slit either with a score method or a shear method. They can slit from very narrow widths, about 2 inches, to very wide widths, in excess of 150 inches. And they can slit and rewind a broad range of products from tissue to very dense board. There are many variables involved in choosing the best machine for an application. Feel free to ask for our advice.

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Duplex Center Slitter

Dusenbery 635 Slitter Rebuilt by Benick Machineworks

Photo of Dusenbery Duplex Center SlitterThese very versatile slitter/rewinders were invented in order to slit certain substrates which cannot be wound on a single shaft. These materials, such as most films, will interweave or create other problems unless the slit cuts are alternated up and down on two rewind shafts. Often each slit cut is affixed to the rewind shaft through a series of spacers which act as clutches, allowing each roll to wind correctly. These winders can use score slitting, shear slitting, or razor slitting methods.

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Simplex Slitter

A A Simplex Center Slitter/Rewinder winds a roll on a single shaft in a similar way to a Two Drum Winder. Unlike the two drum, however, the Simplex rewind shaft grabs the core or cores usually by inflating the rewind shaft with air. The air causes an internal bladder to expand thereby pressing buttons or the leaves of the shaft itself inside the core. The secured core is then driven to wind the roll from the center. Usually the roll runs against a nip roller which helps remove entrapped air and induce tension. Sometimes this nip roll can be driven, or a small gap between this roll and the material being rewound can be maintained, creating the so called minimum gap. Normally these winders are used for paper or other materials which are not extensible and have a good profile. A great advantage over any type of duplex winder is the ease with which the shaft can be unloaded and restarted.

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Doctor/Inspection Slitter

Normally these machines are between 12" to 36" wide and utilize cantilevered shafts throughout the machine. They are commonly used in the label industry to inspect rolls and sometimes have sophisticated equipment to detect print skips, splices, or things of that sort. They are also commonly used by converters to rewind poorly wound rolls or ever to slit rolls into narrower widths. The cantilevered feature aids in ease of operation and these machines can be equipped with score, razor, or shear slitting.






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Duplex Center Surface Slitter

The Duplex Center Surface Winder winds a roll both from the center as well as the surface. The center is wound either in a lock core mode or in the slip differential mode while the surface is resting on a driven winding drum with controlled nip pressure. This driven winding drum assists winding the roll by driving the surface which can be helpful with certain substrates such as silicone coated papers. The surface assist also can allow a roll to be rewound beyond the diameter limitations of a Duplex Center Winder. Normally these machines are limited to a rewind diameter of about 24” whereas the surface assist can extend this winding diameter up to 60”. These winders can also be configured with a minimum gap mode whereby the rewound roll is always kept slightly away from the driven center drum. This can allow this type of winder to handle materials with gauge variation. Slitting is usually shear but razor or score can also be used.

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Add Roll  or "Small Roll" Slitter

These slitter/rewinders are designed to produce large quantities of rolls which typically have a small diameters and usually a small core diameter as well. They come in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. Common names are Dusenbery, Judelson, and Goebel among others.

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Continuous Winder

Continuous slitters are commonly used for making small diameter logs of material such as gift wrap paper. They are typically fully automatic machines which take a master roll and turn out large quantities of finished rolls requiring only master roll changes. Common names are Elsner and Shultz.

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Single Knife Cutter

These machines are used to cut small diameter rolls of material (12" to 18") without having to unwind and rewind the substrate. The log of material is placed on a mandrel matching the inside core diameter. The log is then rotated while a rotating blade is inserted into the log at the appropriate widths.

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Duplex Turret Slitter

These machines have duplex winding capabilities coupled with the functionality of a turret rewind system. They are ideal for high speed automated winding of small diameter rolls.



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Travers Winder / Spooler

These machines usually have slitting capabilities to convert a single wide web to several smaller ones. After being slit, the narrower webs are distributed across the width of the cores, or "spools", onto which they are being rewound. This yields a high density of material in a  finished roll that maintains a reasonable diameter.

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