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  Machine: 18990 Duplex Center Slitters
Ashe model 250-115, 45" rewind diameter, 43" unwind diameter
  Maker: Ashe
  Width: 90 ''

2010 Ashe model 250-115, 90 wide, individual arm surface center winder. Maximum rewind diameter of 45. Maximum unwind diameter of 43. 300 hours on the clock. Shear slitting and razor can be added. Semi-auto knife positioning system. Maximum machine speed is 1000FPM. Minimum slit width of 10. Unwind core size is 6, rewind core size of 3 or 6. Threading chain to aid in webbing the machine up. Class 1000 clean room rated. Kelva web cleaner. Auto edge guide. Overhead web path. A unique option on this machine, it has two extra unwinds for introducing a liner prior to slitting. Drives are AC/ Control Techniques, controls are Siemens. The rewind is shaftless and doffs to a cart. The unwind is either shaftless or shaft type. The unwind is driven and is designed for a maximum unwind tension of 100lbs and is closed loop with a load cell feedback. Total weight of the machine is 48500lbs. One pair of trim winders are included.
A complete machine specification can be sent by email. The list of features are to long to list in this format.