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  Machine: 18979 Duplex Center Slitters
Dusenery 260 duplex surface center, 40" rewind, 50" unwind
  Maker: Dusenbery
  Width: 62 ''

62" wide Dusenbery model 260GB duplex surface center winder. Maximum rewind diameter of 40 and maximum unwind diameter of 50. The rewind is slip core two zone differential with two pair of 3 steel rewind shafts. Slitting is KISS shear with semi auto knife positioning, with a minimum slit width of 2 precision rail mounted pneumaticly operated male blades and shaft mounted female. Main drive and rewind drives are Emerson DC with two 15HP rewind dives and one 15HP main drive. Maximum machine speed is 1500FPM. The unwind stand is a shaftless pick from the floor unwind, with automatic edge guiding. Dual air cooled pneumatically control brake with a closed loop unwind tension control. Splice table with a 18 deg splice angle and pneumatic web clamps. Included with the machine is full documentation, copies of the software and all the original electrical and mechanical DWGs. Video of the Dusenbery machine running production;