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  Machine: 18954 Duplex Center Slitters
Dusenbery 635, 24" rewind diameter, separate unwind stand
  Maker: Dusenbery
  Width: 54 ''

54" Dusenbery Model 635 BL. This machine is in near perfect condition, was used since new as a lab slitter. Maximum rewind diameter of 24 without top riding rolls, with top riding rolls is 21. Duplex rewind with core spacer differential rewind tension control-all the slit roll have individual tension control. Four zone individual tension control, you can run four different slit widths at the same time. Rewind mandrels for use with 3" core. Slitting is razor in the grove cut. Maximum speed is 500FPM. Cork covered pull rolls. Equipped with a 40 diameter free standing unwind. Automatic edge guide, Fife P-50, edge only guiding. Unwind tension is controled with a air cooled Montalvo brake. 3" Tidland air expanding unwind shaft. The Drive system Consists of a 7.5 HP DC motor and a main drive controller. Mounted on slitter is a corona treater, the treater can be purchase if needed.