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  Machine: 18952 Duplex Center Slitters
Dusenbery 635 duplex slitter rewinder, 24" rewind diameter
  Maker: *Dusenbery
  Width: 62 ''

62” wide Dusenbery model 635 Duplex Slitter/Rewinder. The base machine has a integral unwind with a maximum unwind diameter of 40”. The 635 rewind diameter is 21 inches with the use of top riding idlers, and 24 inches without. Benick is offering this machine as a level 4 rebuilt ( like new) or level 3 with a 6 month warranty. The scope of refurbishing is decided with the buyer. It might include shear, or razor or score slitting for example. Or it might include a new drive package. Also certain modifications such as a larger unwind or custom roll coverings might be included. Each refurbished machine is designed with the buyers input and may be either our “Level Three” or our “level Four” offering. Below please find photos of both similar level three and level four rebuilds to give an idea of what the machine will look like. Prices are determined by the amount of work our customers decide they require. Below are videos of both our level 3 and level 4.
Level 3
Level 4