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  Machine: 18782 Single Knife/Baloney Slitters
Dusenbery model 3000-22, 18" diameter roll capacity
  Maker: *Dusenbery
  Width: 62 ''

Dusenbery model 3000-22, can cut a roll up to a diameter of 18". A manual locking chuck aids with quick locking of the roll to be cut. Mitsubishi PLC control for all the machine functions. Spray mist system for use when cutting materials with adhesives and to cool the knife on other materials. Cut shaft size 1.5" OD, 2.5 OD and 3" OD. Hydraulic speed control of the knife cutting motion. Single level cut counter. Semi-automatic controls; auto knife positioning, auto knife left, automatic knife sharpening, automatic cut counting and stopping. Factory installed hour meter showing 4607 hours. The machine has been tested at Benick and all the functions are working. Power requirement; 460-3-60/20amps. Machine dimensions;
130"L X 60"W X 60"H
Video of the machine running at Benick;