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  Machine: 18643 Single Knife/Baloney Slitters
Semi-Automatic Pisani Single Knife Cutter
  Maker: Pisani
  Width: 72 ''

1997, semi-automatic Pisani single knife cutter with an 18 diameter knife, maximum roll diameter on a 1.5 cut shaft is 12.5, on a 3 core the maximum diameter is 14. The Pisani carriage is electrically driven and can cut a wide variety of materials. This is accomplished by controlling the entry speed, cut speed, knife speed, material speed and direction. A 1 1/2" diameter cutting mandrel with flat is provided, and a 3" tufram-coated aluminum sleeve. The carriage travels on rigid linear bearing assemblies and is positioned by a 1 1/2" diameter ball screw. The diameter of the ball screw provides maximum torque power and anti-whipping action when driven by a single speed carriage drive. Machine is controlled by a PLC operator interface through a touch key pad and LCD display, with a spare controller. This system controls the automatic functions of the machine slit width size, totalizing counter, grinder cycles, and core dwell. A manually adjusted grinder system integral to the knife carrier is provided. The grinder continually rides with the knife and its cycle is controlled by the PLC. Different intermittent cycles can be programmed for recall using the keypad. An electronic knife positioning system controlled through the PLC is supplied. A pre-selection of slit widths in increments of .001" through 72" holding a tolerance of +/- .007 is standard. A multiple amount of slit widths plus totalizing may be programmed through the PLC. The chuck is semi automatic, push button for gripping O.D. of roll and I.D. of core, no tools required. A spray mist system is included for cooling and lubricating the knife and is controlled through the PLC. A full machine guard system is included. The Pisani is located in our plant in CT and is fully functional and ready to ship. Just repainted the machine and new plexiglass windows installed. One extra blade and full docs. Power requirements 220v 3 phase 40amps. Video;