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  Machine: 18066 Duplex Center Slitters
72" Dusenbery Model 815
  Maker: *Dusenbery
  Width: 72 ''

72" Dusenbery Model 815 LR Duplex Center Slitter/Rewinder with a maximum rewind diameter of 24 with top riding rolls and 28 without top riding rolls, lift our rewind shafts. Currently the 815 is not rebuilt. Benick can customize this machine to your needs. We can offer it as a single motor drive system (500FPM) or Two motor drive (1500FPM). The rewind is lift out rewind shaft, we can offer it as a cantilever rewind with indirect friction rewind shafts and offer larger rewind diameters. The photo below is of a Dusenbery 815 that was done for one of our customers, (video of the modification; ) Slitting can be shear, razor or score cut.
We can offer any unwind, integral, shaft type separate unwind or shaftless pick up from the floor.