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  Machine: 17140 Simplex Slitters
Turret rewinder, 72" rewind diameter with accumulator
  Maker: Custom
  Width: 12 ''

2009 12" wide custom built turret rewinder that will wind to a maximum rewind diameter of 72". Currently winds on a 8" ID core, other core sizes can be fitted. The drives are AC servo and can wind with a maximum tension of 4PLI. The web path goes to a accumulator that will hold a maximum footage of 112' of material to assist in non stop transfer of the rewind. After the accumulator is a pullroll section for tension isolation to the winder. The web is automatically edge guided going to the winder.
Maximum speed is 200FPM and can be modified to run faster. The machine comes complete with all the drives and touch screen controls. Can be seen running. Cost new in 2009/$151,500.00.