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  Machine: 17130 Duplex Center Slitters
New "Benick Simplicity" Duplex Center Winder
  Maker: Benick
  Width: 62 ''

The “Benick Simplicity” is a new slitter rewinder designed by Benick Machineworks and built by Benick. We offer this machine in a modular design to fit the customer’s needs. It comes as a lift out rewind, cantilever rewind or a combination of both up to a maximum web width of 72”. Lay on rolls can be either pneumatic or gravity. Rewind diameters of 24” or 30”. The base machine has two driven pullrolls and driven knife section. Slitting can be razor, shear or score cut. We offer any roll covering from rubberized cork to polyurethane. Unwind options are either free standing or integral as shown in the photos below. We offer a variety of drive and control system. Below is our standard Direct Logic system. The Simplicity is offer with single motor drive or two motor for speeds up to 1500 FPM.
General description below;
Solid steel side frames with rigid cross bracing.
Dovetail bar on knife trunion assembly.
Two pull rolls, plain steel, cork covered.
One exit idler roll, aluminum, cork covered.
One set of components for female knife shaft drive.
One lead-in idler roll, aluminum, cork covered.
Programmed dual differential, four zone rewind tension controls for winding up to four different slit widths simultaneously’ programmed thought the PLC.
One Benick integral unwind complete with pneumatic brake (Montalvo).
One edge guiding system.
One hand wheel operated baggie edge assembly.
One PLC based automatic unwind tension control system complete with a pair of load cells; monitoring and adjustment from front of the machine.
One load sensing idler roll, aluminum, cork covered.
Reversing rewind drive.
One Automation Direct PLC operator interface through an Automation Direct operator interface.
One Single motor Parker “SSD” AC Vector drive system consisting of one 7 ½ HP main drive motor.
One auxiliary control on rear of main guard for line speed adjustment.
Price is our single motor drive option.