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  Machine: 17075 Add Roll Slitters
Dusenbery Model 614 POS Small Roll Slitter Rewinder
  Maker: *Dusenbery
  Width: 54 ''

This Dusenbery model 614AC is equipped to run POS rolls with a minimum rewind diameter of 2" and a maximum of 12 3/4". This is a semi automatic machine, auto air blast for pushing the tails over the top of the rewind cores, auto top riding roll up and down, auto stop and start to footage or diameter, automatic tucker to start the rolls. The automation is control with a Seimans PLC.
This machine was manufactured in the late 1980s and has been up dated with new unwind tension controller and two preset footage counter. The unwind brake is water cooled. The unwind will take a roll up to 50 in diameter. The unwind brake is a water cooled. Dusenbery model 590 unwind has its own hydraulic lift for loading the unwound roll. Manual edge guide with a hand wheel for balancing out the trim. Maximum weight of the unwind is 3000lbs. Exit conveyor and table are not included.