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  Machine: 17032 Add Roll Slitters
Goebel H-3, rebuilt in 2007 for thermal paper rolls
  Maker: Goebel
  Width: 54 ''

54" wide Goebel H-3 with auto tucker, air blast and auto start and stop. Benick Machineworks rebuilt this machine in 2007 to a level 4, like new. We added a Automation Direct PLC, auto tucker, auto air blast and auto stop and start. The machine comes with a end of roll inker, shear knifes for 3 1/8" wide rolls. It was running thermal paper (POS) rolls. The uwind has a 50" maximum unwind diameter. The top riding roll is 40mm diameter for running cores OD down to 1/2". This machine was used only for 6 months before it went into storage.