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  Machine: 16793 Duplex Center Slitters
Model 636 TTR dual turret slitter rewinder, 6" rewinds
  Maker: Dusenbery
  Width: 29 ''

Dusenbery model 636 TTR slitter rewinder, built by Dusenbery Europe, 1992. This machine is design to run thermal transfer ribbon, but can run any material that requires narrow cuts with short run lengths. The rewind comes equipped with 1" lock core rewind shafts (other sizes are available). Maximum rewind diameter is 6.4". There is a full width top riding roll on the upper rewind and lower rewind. The turrets are manually index during change over. Maximum speed of the machine is 300mpm. Manually operated leader trailer splice table that can take up to five different material panels. Slitting is razor in grove, Benick can change this to shear if needed. The unwind is shaftless and is loaded from a cart. The maximum unwind diameter is 25". Unwind tension is closed loop through a load cell.